ART QUILTS MAINE 2020-2021 MYSTERY QUILT -reveal in June, watch email and facebook for directions from Denise Quint

General Rules:  Each participant starts with a “center” that is a minimum of 20 inches in perimeter.  Size and shape are otherwise your choice.  It can be any color or fabric choice.  Each month until June, you will receive an instruction to add something to your piece.  This addition can be any size, shape or quantity, but must meet the month’s challenge.  Participants will show their progress at each meeting, so we will all finish the project by the June meeting. Let the fun begin! 

SEPTEMBER:   Add a triangle(s).  This can be accomplished by piecing, applique, fabric painting, adding fabric with a triangle motif, etc.  Your choice of interpretation.

OCTOBER:  Add black anywhere, in any amount, by any method

NOVEMBER: Turn it on point OR add water. (You can turn it on point again at any time to orient it correctly.)

DECEMBER: Add circles

JANUARY: Add words

FEBRUARY: Add a heart, lace, and/or red

MARCH: Add some sparkle

APRIL: Add another color and Free Style Quilt top to make it complete and cohesive

2021 Art Quilt Challenge


You may take this in whatever direction you choose, taking your inspiration from buildings, details of buildings, doors, windows, etc. Consider world architecture--Turkish, Arabic, Greek, African, Chinese.

Art Quilt Members year 2000 project

2020 AQM Challenge is now on the road, see AQM Displays Page for where it is next.
A NEW TWIST ON AN OLD MASTER: Inspired by a notable artist. Reach back across the centuries to study and be inspired by an Old Master’s body of work, specific painting, or detail within that piece.  The term "Old Masters" refers to the most recognized European artists—mostly painters—working between the Renaissance and 1900. An informal designation (and not a specific art historical style or movement), this category includes artists who fall within Gothic Art, the Early, High, and Northern Renaissance, Mannerism, Baroque, the Dutch "Golden Age," Rococo, Neoclassicism, and Romanticism. Accordingly, Old Masters refers to a range of the most seminal figures in Western art history, from Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Albrecht Dürer to Caravaggio, Rembrandt, and Jacques-Louis David.
Contemporary artists still wrestle with how, when, and why to engage with art of the past, a dialogue that is evident in the conceptual photography of Cindy Sherman and her History Portraits series, and in the portraits of Kehinde Wiley—such as his recent painting of President Barack Obama, which suggest Old Master paintings in the poses and settings of their subjects, even evoking William Morris patterns in their intricate background foliage. 

The mission of Art Quilts Maine is to support members in their exploration of contemporary quilt art, to inspire creativity and individuality, and to promote the understanding, appreciation, and recognition of contemporary quilters in the state of Maine. These goals will be accomplished by the sharing of member resources, demonstrations and other related activities such as workshops and exhibits. A Chapter of Pine Tree Quilts

New members always welcomed. 

Please contact Jane Hann-Morey so we can be prepared for guests and new members.

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A New Twist to an Old Master



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2021 Officers

President: Jane Hann-Morey, contact by email

Vice President & Facebook management: Denise Quint

Secretary: Celeste Poulin

Treasurer: Suzie McCormack

Program Committee: Jane Hann-Morey, Alison Olds, Amy Nichols, Argenta Jeffrey

Challenge Committee & Traveling Exhibit management: Rana O’Connor

Patchwork Press: Argenta Jeffrey

Website: Pam Soucy

Library: Celeste Poulin (see minutes for library link to view available books to purchase)

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