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2016 Art Quilt Challenge- Reveal June 11

The Power of Three

The brain finds it relatively easy to grasp threes: red-yellow-blue, ABC, 123. You may interpret three in any way that strikes you. Think of a triptych, trinities, triangles. How about three blind mice, three musketeers, a triadic color scheme, or the rule of thirds in design. 

When you label your quilt, include what “3” inspired you (or all of the 3’s in your piece, if you were inspired by more than one "3".) 

Timeline: Quilts are revealed at AQM’s June Meeting. They are collected that day and delivered to Maine Quilts for their public debut as part of the Maine Quilts Chapter Challenge.  

Tour: From August 2016 to June 2017, you may choose to have your challenge quilt tour with the other challenge quilts around Maine. The venues are developed by the challenge participants. Each venue generally displays the group of quilts for one-two months.

The mission of Art Quilts Maine is to support members in their exploration of contemporary quilt art, to inspire creativity and individuality, and to promote the understanding, appreciation, and recognition of contemporary quilters in the state of Maine. These goals will be accomplished by the sharing of member resources, demonstrations and other related activities such as workshops and exhibits.
2015-2016 Officers
President: Jane Hann-Morey-for more information
Vice President: Jane Wallace
Secretary: Sandra Negus Treasurer: Susan Gerhardt Program Committee: Chairperson Kathy Boudreau, Carol Fortier, Lynn Tscheiller, Randy Menninghaus Challenge Committee: Rana O’Connor, Julie Weaver, Peggy Lovejoy
Patchwork Press: Randy Menninghaus
Website: Pam Soucy