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Books shared by members (October 2017) and why they liked it. There are several quilted examples from the book(s). below.

Puzzle Quilts - use of colors and contrast. - catalog your books and magazine articles online for easy access. Website and app.
Quick Little Landscape Quilts - liked the “Little” in the title.
Quilting Arts article on “Make your Mark” - how to add free motion text to quilts.
Artful Log Cabin Quilts - (brought by 2 members) use log cabin pattern to replicate a picture, there is a online class on AQS Iquilt.
Fabric Pictures - take a story or emotion and make it into a quilt.
Ricky Tims Rhapsody - great techniques.
Fabulous Fractures - interesting techniques.
Photo Inspired Art Quilts - use fabric collage to turn photos on quilts.
Designing Tessellations - use of repeating shapes, contrasts.
Fabric Painting ebook from an online class on Craftsy - color theory, different techniques.
Double Vision Quilts - color, shapes, contrast, abstract.
Surf the web - there are so many resources out there
Free Style Quilts - collage, rough edge applique.
Creative Quilting (in our library) - inspiring, Journal Quilt Project.
Surface Design Magazine - inspiring.

2017-2018 Officers

President: Jane

Vice President: Denise Quint

Secretary: Sandra Negus

Treasurer: Susan Gerhardt

Program Committee: Pam Soucy, Millie Masson, Jane Hann-Morey, Kathy Boudreau

Challenge Committee:Rana O’Connor

Patchwork Press: Argenta Jeffrey

Website: Pam Soucy

Library: Christine King & Janet Biczak

Historian: Pam Soucy

The mission of Art Quilts Maine is to support members in their exploration of contemporary quilt art, to inspire creativity and individuality, and to promote the understanding, appreciation, and recognition of contemporary quilters in the state of Maine. These goals will be accomplished by the sharing of member resources, demonstrations and other related activities such as workshops and exhibits. A Chapter of Pine Tree Quilts

New members always welcomed.

2018 Challenge 'On or Off the Beaten Path

Depict a road, path, trail, map, line of footprints, aerial view, ground view, etc.

Members choose a challenge theme  at the October meeting. The them is defined among  members. The reveal is at the June 2018 meeting and revealed to the public during the Maine Quilt Show. After the show the themed quilts travel around the state at various venues, including libraries and galleries.

Below are the parameters:

Quilts must have a minimum perimeter of 100" (officially, more than 96")
Quilts must have a minimum 4" hanging sleeve with the top of the sleeve no more than 88" to the bottom of the quilt (keep in mind if you want the quilt to tour, very large pieces can be problematic in some exhibit spaces)
Quilts must contain quilting and a label that includes the quilter's name and title of the quilt, sewn onto a bottom corner of the quilt back
Framed pieces are not allowed
Quilts that require special handling (can't be folded, fragile, etc) need approval of the Quilt Registrar

Quilts must be suitable for general audiences, have no sharp objects and be able to be photographed

If not original, written permission from the holder of a copyright for the design or other elements of the quilt must be provided

Quilts may not have previously been exhibited at Maine Quilts except by special request

The Challenge Reveal is at our June meeting. The pieces have their first public viewing at Maine Quilts. Following Maine Quilts, they tour the state to any venues members are able to secure. Most venues accept the challenge quilts for a one-two month period. Libraries, bookstores and galleries have shown the challenge quilts in the past.