December 2017: Mary Dyer Color Theory, Paper Tube Exchange

Batik Winter Challenge Reveal February 2018, "With these 10 Fabrics". It is not too late to work on yours!

June 2017: Mixed Media Challenge & Portrait Challenge at Pine Tree Quilts Show.

Meeting Activities 2017-2018

October 2017: Members sharing their favorite books and samples, choosing a 2018 theme, sharing workshops and members work.

Ugly Fabric Reveal, December 2017. Members received a matching ugly fabric (black& gold), then a surprise bagged item exchange.

Member sharing April 2017

June 2017, member demonstrations: creating fabric with solvey, yarn and threads, painted fabric, lutrador & tyvek.

April 2017

Beth Berman workshop, acrylic paint on fusible web

art quilts maine

February 2018: Member sharing

October 2018

  • Beads, Beads, Beads, Beads
  • Member Sharing
  • Choosing our 2019 Challenge  'Page 20'

April 2017 Portrait Reveal, On stop Farmington for April 2018.

June 2018, Challenge Reveal, member sharing.

April 2018 member reveal and Elizabeth Busch intro for August workshop