Batik Winter Challenge Reveal February 2018, "With these 10 Fabrics". It is not too late to work on yours!

October 2017: Members sharing their favorite books and samples, choosing a 2018 theme, sharing workshops and members work.

June 2017, member demonstrations: creating fabric with solvey, yarn and threads, painted fabric, lutrador & tyvek.

Meeting Activities 2017-2018

Member sharing April 2017

April 2017 Portrait Reveal, On stop Farmington for April 2018.

June 2017: Mixed Media Challenge & Portrait Challenge at Pine Tree Quilts Show. On tour now, next stop Farmington for April 2018.

Ugly Fabric Reveal, December 2017. Members received a matching ugly fabric (black& gold), then a surprise bagged item exchange.

December 2017: Mary Dyer Color Theory, Paper Tube Exchange

April 2017

Beth Berman workshop, acrylic paint on fusible web

art quilts maine

February 2018: Member sharing