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2015 Tactile Delights Displays

Kimball Street Studio

Mixed Media Mashup Reveal July 26, 2017

Power of Three The brain finds it relatively easy to grasp threes; red-yellow-blue, ABC, 1-2-3.  We have interprted the them in many inspiring ways & member sharing.

2018  Challenge Reveal June 2018 Meeting

2016 Challenge: Power of Three at the Portland Public Library

Quilt Challenge exhibits

2017 Mixed Media Mashup

2016 The Power of Three

2015 Tactile Delights

2014 Inspired By Water

2013 By These Words: Quilts inspired by words, poetry, quotes, sayings. 

2012 Postcards From Away: inspiration from a real or imaginary place. 

2011 Inspiration Transformation: based on your favorite children's book 

2017 Quilt Challenge

Mixed Media Mashup


Public Reveal at the Maine Quilt Show in July.

A Mixed Media piece is one that incorporates 2 or more visual art media, ie painting, print-making, collage,  applique, photography or embellishments.  Mashup is defined as a fusion of two or more disparate elements, which dovetails nicely with the definition of mixed media.

TRAVELING EXHIBIT- Interested in hosting the exhibit? Contact Rana