2015 Tactile Delights Displays

Kimball Street Studio

Mixed Media Mashup Reveal July 26, 2017

2017 Quilt Challenge

Mixed Media Mashup


Public Reveal at the Maine Quilt Show in July.

A Mixed Media piece is one that incorporates 2 or more visual art media, ie painting, print-making, collage,  applique, photography or embellishments.  Mashup is defined as a fusion of two or more disparate elements, which dovetails nicely with the definition of mixed media.

TRAVELING EXHIBIT- Interested in hosting the exhibit? Contact Rana


art quilts maine

Power of Three The brain finds it relatively easy to grasp threes; red-yellow-blue, ABC, 1-2-3.  We have interprted the them in many inspiring ways & member sharing.

2016 Challenge: Power of Three at the Portland Public Library

Quilt Challenge exhibits

2016 The Power of Three

2015 Tactile Delights

2014 Inspired By Water

2013 By These Words: Quilts inspired by words, poetry, quotes, sayings. 

2012 Postcards From Away: inspiration from a real or imaginary place. 

2011 Inspiration Transformation: based on your favorite children's book 

Mixed Media Mashup On Tour Line-Up:

October 20 through mid November, Kimball Street Studio, Lisbon Street Lewiston

Next stop..Portland Public Library December-January

Farmington Library tba