On or Off the Beaten Path
Thank you Stonewall Gallery at the Yarmouth Historical Society for hosting our collection January through February 2019

Abstract Art & Food Word Challenge- on the road: Kimbal Street Studios

Quilt Challenge exhibits

2023-2024 Creative Circles, Rings & Curves, Traditional Re-imagined

2022 Abstract Art & Word Challenge 

2021 Architecture, Paint Chip Challenge, Mystery Challenge

2020 Tesselations & A Twist to an Old Master

2019 Page 20 and Red,White & Blue

2018 On or Off the Beaten Path

2017 Mixed Media Mashup

2016 The Power of Three

2015 Tactile Delights

2014 Inspired By Water

2013 By These Words: Quilts inspired by words, poetry, quotes, sayings. 

2012 Postcards From Away: inspiration from a real or imaginary place. 

2011 Inspiration Transformation: based on your favorite children's book 

2023-2024 Theme Challenge Creative Circles, Rings, Curves and Winter Challenge Traditional pattern Re-imagined.

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Falmouth Memorial Library: March 16 to May 31, 2024

Stier Family Gallery, Thomas Memorial Library, Cape Elizabeth: June 1 to June 29, 2024

Interested in hosting a future showing? 

Contact Rana  roconnor@maine.rr.com

Skowhegan 11/2023 and Portland Public Library  1/2024, Topsham Public Library Crooker Gallery 3/2024

2016 Challenge: Power of Three at the Portland Public Library

2020 Tour with Tesselations and A New Twist to an Old Master

2018  Quilts On or Off the Beaten Path plus Batik Challenge

Yarmouth Historical Society in the Stonewall Gallery 2021

Mixed Media Mashup Reveal July 26, 2017

Portland Public Library-Abstract Challenge, December through February 2022

Power of Three The brain finds it relatively easy to grasp threes; red-yellow-blue, ABC, 1-2-3.  We have interpreted the them in many inspiring ways & member sharing.

2015 Tactile Delights Displays

Kimball Street Studio

Food Word Challenge & Abstract Art Challenge 2022-2023

"Page 20' Theme Challenge Reveal" and Red, White & Blue Winter Challenge  Pine Tree Quilt Show July 24-27, 2019, Augusta Maine