Members Meeting Slide Shows

December 2014

Paper Tube Exchange 

After a story read of exchanging the gifts from left to right and right to left, members enjoyed the hidden treasures stuffed inside paper towel tubes. Book Auction allowed members to expand their personal libraries. Members show and tell. 

October 2014

Collaborative challenge 

June 2014

Shades of Tulle and Other Techniques with Nancy Morgan & 2014 Challenge Reveal

Nancy walked the group through her process of creating her fabric art pieces.  Nancy's art can be viewed at, herself published book 'Shades of Tulle' can be found at

August 2014

w/ Jo Diggs

AQM August meeting is always a change of pace from the norm.  This year Jo Diggs presented the steps in creating a choice of our own fabric landscape or underwater magic art quilt.  Jo work can be viewed at

February 2014

AQM Member demos

Framing your work, making your own stencils, water color 101, binding and mitered corners.

December 2013

Brown Bag SWAP

After choosing a bag members detailed what they would do with the items they received in order to enhance an art quilt.

April 2014

Discharge Paste 4 ways

with Beth Berman